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  • Corporate social responsibility from sustainable fleet management with ECOdrive
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  • Let ECOdrive help you to reduce damage, damage claims and maintenance
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The ECOdrive III unit will prove itself many times over.This intelligent system can also be adjusted in line with your specific circumstances. The ECOdrive III can be connected to various electronic connections, which means that the functionality and potential of the product is unrivalled. These additional functions are there to ensure your assets are being used sustainably.

Pulling a trailer

Lower the maximum speed, increase the RPM per gear. In this way the vehicle can never be driven too fast, but still has sufficient power to increase speed normally. In this way, additional safety is created whilst giving the vehicle an additional boost when towing a trailer.
Pulling a trailer

Heavy loads and hilly areas

Sometimes an engine requires more power to deliver the same performance. The ECOdrive III unit will then automatically increase the rev count of the engine, but only when you really need this, such as when driving with a heavy load or through a hilly area, for example.

Increased idle RPM

Do you want to power electronic tools/equipment from the battery while you're doing your work? The ECOdrive continuously ensures sufficient battery voltage is available by temporarily increasing the idle RPM of the vehicle during your activities.
Power Take Off

Engine off control

Unnecessary idling of the engine while stationary is bad for the distribution line of your vehicles and for fuel consumption. The ECOdrive can automatically shut off the engine when it is idling unnecessarily.
Engine stop