• ECOdrive enhances your company's sustainability track record through safe and responsible driving
  • Sustainable fuel consumption: helps support you and our environment
  • Corporate social responsibility from sustainable fleet management with ECOdrive
  • With ECOdrive, I can drive greener today, using the technology of tomorrow
  • Let ECOdrive help you to reduce damage, damage claims and maintenance
  • Getting started with "The new driving"? ECOdrive makes it easy
  • ECOdrive makes efficiency, cost reduction and sustainability in one package possible

Corporate social responsibility


Controlled and managed driving immediately increases road safety. The ECOdrive III increases driving comfort and ease of use by creating a relaxed driving style that will benefit both the driver and other road users. Controlled and managed driving also provides an immediate reduction in the number of accidents, the severity of accidents and the amount of damage caused to the vehicle. ECOdrive works to protect your drivers and other road users as well.

Environmental awareness

Environmentally conscious driving and optimal driving performance go hand in hand with ECOdrive. ECOdrive stimulates fleet owners and vehicle operators to drive in accordance with the principles of "The New Driving". The New Driving removes excesses from the driving style by, among other things, shifting through the gears more rapidly. The New Driving provides you with multiple benefits, namely relaxation behind the wheel, safer
driving, noise reduction, fuel saving, and environmental relief by reducing the vehicle's emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

ECOdrive supports fleet owners and stimulates vehicle drivers by actively intervening if the RPM per gear according to The New Driving is exceeded. As a fleet owner, you can therefore be certain that your vehicles are being driven in an environmentally conscious way and you may be able to realise a reduction in CO2 and fuel savings of up to 15%. Your drivers will also be implementing a sustainable business philosophy, in which your organisation sets out to inflict as little harm upon the environment as possible.

Lower fuel consumption through calm and controlled driving means:
-    A reduction in CO2 emissions
-    A reduction in emissions of damaging exhaust gases: NOx,SO2 and particulates
-    Less air pollution
-    Less noise pollution