ECOdrive EV


With ECOdrive, your drivers can drive in a gentler and safer manner. What is unique about this technology is that the maximum speed and acceleration can be modified on a customer-specific basis. With ECOdrive you opt for managed and controlled driving behaviour. ECOdrive works together with the electronic accelerator pedal in your vehicle. ECOdrive actively corrects the driving behaviour of drivers with poor accelerator pedal management. ECOdrive has more than 25 years of experience in limiting various vehicles. Our products comply with the mandatory European E-approval for automotive applications. And in the safest possible way, which is assessed annually by the RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority). ECOdrive meets the latest and most up-to-date standards. This means that we guarantee the safe operation of the product.

With ECOdrive you achieve:

  • Safer driving behaviour
  • A longer range
  • Lower repair, maintenance and tyre costs
  • Lower electricity costs
  • Fewer charging times
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Less wear and tear
  • Less damage
  • Higher residual value of the vehicles
  • Improved passenger comfort
  • Better image due to gentler driving

Electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid vehicles
Since ECOdrive is coupled directly to the electronic accelerator pedal, the driving behaviour of drivers is actively optimised. The ECOdrive product is suitable for all fully electric, hydrogen as well as hybrid vehicles.

Electric vehicles, in which an ECOdrive is connected to the accelerator pedal, can significantly increase their useful range by up to around 25%. This allows electric vehicles to travel a significantly longer distance on the same full battery charge. This means your vehicles require less frequent charging stops to be able to travel the same distance. With the effect of significantly increasing the operational availability of the electric vehicles in your fleet.

Specifically with electric vehicles, a clear positive trend can be observed, because higher savings are seen in comparison to combustion engine vehicles (based on diesel, petrol and other types of fuels), with an average saving of around 11%.

In addition, ECOdrive also achieves significant savings on repair, maintenance and tyres. The savings on tyres is particularly noticeable in combination with ECOdrive because the tyre wear is significantly reduced due to the more gentle acceleration. Our products work on all vehicles, meaning that your business can be confident of having a complete solution for your whole fleet, irrespective of the type of car or fuel.

Hybrid vehicles
Because the ECOdrive is connected to the accelerator pedal of the vehicles, the product works in the same way with driven hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles or vehicles with a combustion engine. ECOdrive is ideally suited for hybrid vehicles since the product can pick up signals when the combustion engine or electric motor are activated, and can actively control the engine use.

The ECOdrive, when combined with ECOdrive Connected (ECOdrive Geofencing), manages the use of the engine/range extender in hybrid vehicles.

ECOdrive Geofencing makes it possible for hybrid vehicles
to be permitted to drive in ZERO emission zones. GNSS localisation is used to control the system so that the combustion engine is automatically blocked and/or switched off within geozones in which only electric vehicles are permitted. When the vehicle leaves the geozone, the use of the combustion engine is automatically permitted again, allowing the batteries to charge.

The ECOdrive geofence cannot be influenced by drivers. All significant data is stored for evidence purposes in the ECOdrive cloud environment, as a result of which authorised third parties (such as local authorities) are able to check that data and to verify that hybrid vehicles are only driven electrically within the predetermined geozones. ECOdrive shows the location(s) and the current battery status (SoC) of the vehicles in the fleet, enabling fleet managers to schedule vehicles for journeys within geozones in a responsible way.

In order to facilitate compliance with the CO2 reduction objectives, (local) authorities are setting clear requirements, thereby targeting mandatory electric driving in the future. Particularly in the passenger transport sector in large (inter)national cities, there has been a strong increase in the number of enquiries from (local) authorities for electric driving within geozones.

Good examples are municipalities in which business owners must guarantee that they will only drive in electric mode within a certain zone in a city. This can also be achieved by choosing hybrid and electric vehicles equipped with ECOdrive Geofence. In Amsterdam, this is achieved by choosing hybrid and electric vehicles equipped with ECOdrive Geofence.

ECOdrive helps businesses to improve road safety, make fleets greener, enhance the range of electric vehicles and reduce maintenance and wear costs. If you are interested in a no-obligation introduction, possibly with a test drive at your location, then please contact us.