ECOdrive Connected

ECOdrive Connected

ECOdrive is an intelligent driving behaviour stimulator that can be tuned to your specific circumstances. What is unique about this technology is that the maximum speed, the acceleration and the RPM can be adjusted for each gear. The result? Your employees drive more smoothly and therefore more safely. ECOdrive ensures that optimum use is made of the vehicle’s engine power. The product enables you to control your power, ensuring that more power is only supplied at times when this is needed. Drivers of vehicles are encouraged to drive in accordance with “New-Style Driving”. Excesses are eliminated from the driving style, which automatically encourages employees to shift to the highest feasible gear. With the ECOdrive you are opting for managed and controlled driving behaviour. The system works together with the electronic gas pedal in your vehicle. The ECOdrive actively corrects the driving behaviour of drivers with poor gas pedal management.

Functions of ECOdrive Connected
The ECOdrive Connected includes various Track & Trace functions, such as a vehicle tracking system, journey registration system and integrated management reports. Apart from the Track & Trace functions, the link with the intelligent ECOdrive also gives you an extensive insight into unique and reliable CAN data on actual fuel consumption, CO emissions, vehicle use and driving behaviour on an employee and vehicle level. Our sustainable mobility solutions are suitable for all modern vehicles and provide support in the field of car fleet optimisation and increasing the controllability of your mobility policy.

ECOdrive Connected

Vehicle tracking system
You can use the ECOdrive Connected vehicle tracking system to accurately locate your vehicles on the online map 24/7. This functionality offers a direct overview of vehicle movements, marks irregularities and provides an insight into vehicle use patterns and driving styles of drivers. ECOdrive Connected allows you to trace routes driven based on GPS and use this information to coordinate your planning. Among other things, the system allows you to check compliance with working hours by your employees and increase productivity. In turn, the reports on working hours give your payroll department a clear insight into the number of working hours, journey times and overtime per employee. ECOdrive Connected offers a wide range of additional options, such as setting up geozones at specific sites to be able to use limited fixed speed zones.

Journey registration system
ECOdrive Connected accurately registers every journey, so you can always see who has driven at certain times. The journey registration system can be used to record who is authorised to drive a specific vehicle. This allows you to limit vehicle use to persons with the right authorisation. The integrated immobiliser system with an optical and acoustic signal reminds the driver to register before being able to drive off. Driving will be impossible unless the driver is authorised and logged in. Personal identification prevents discussions after receiving tickets and swapping vehicles.

In addition to this, co-drivers can be added, allowing their journey times, working hours and location to be registered as well. With ECOdrive Connected you can individually grant employees access to view their own journeys, driving behaviour and fuel consumption performance. The ECOdrive Connected journey registration system is comprehensive and complies with the guidelines of the Tax and Customs Administration. The system supports mileage records for tax purposes, for both business-related and private journeys.

Sustainable safe driving
This distinguishing ECOdrive Connected functionality comprises two highly specific and important aspects, namely:

  1. Fuel consumption and CO2-emissions analysis per vehicle
  2. Personal driving behaviour analysis per driver

The unique and reliable CAN data registered by ECOdrive regarding the actual fuel consumption, CO2-emissions, vehicle use and driving behaviour on a driver and vehicle level forms the basis for the sustainable safe driving dashboard. Clear KPIs aimed at sustainability and safety within your mobility system provide you with a direct insight into the performance and implementation of your mobility policy.

Fuel consumption and CO2-emissions analysis
ECOdrive Connected measures the actual fuel consumption and CO2-emissions based on the fuel injection in the engine, allowing the actual fuel consumption and CO2-emissions data to be determined for each journey. View the actual fuel consumption and emissions of your car fleet in real-time or based on journey history. ECOdrive Connected allows you to identify trends or irregularities within fuel consumption and compare them to the fuel and CO2-emissions performance of other vehicles and drivers. The sustainable safe driving dashboard provides a comprehensive insight into actual fuel consumption and CO2-emissions on an overall car fleet management level, and the results can also be further specified by vehicle, driver and journey.

Driving behaviour analysis
Driving behaviour analysis is aimed at reducing the fuel costs and CO2-emissions. Our extensive driving behaviour analysis can be used to increase safety awareness among drivers. By actively influencing driving behaviour in this way, you can increase the road safety of your employees and fellow road users. The combination of the ECOdrive and ECOdrive Connected encourages employees to apply what is called “New-Style Driving” also know as economic driving, as a result of which employees exhibit calmer and safer road conduct and driving behaviour. ECOdrive Connected was developed to help your drivers improve their driving style and offers the most complete approach to continuously optimise the driving performance of your drivers. The ECOdrive Connected driving style analysis offers a wide range of parameters that are combined to map out the driving styles of drivers.

The analysis of braking and cornering behaviour indicates how heavily and frequently drivers brake and where these excesses in braking and cornering behaviour occurred. The braking and cornering behaviour is affected by the extent to which employees participate positively and actively in traffic. The extent to which drivers anticipate road traffic is mapped out by analysing coasting behaviour, gas pedal movements and gear changes.

Anticipatory driving, for example coasting, is measured when current fuel consumption is zero. This is done when drivers remove their foot from the gas pedal while the vehicle remains in gear and the clutch is not engaged. Gear-changing behaviour is one of the key aspects of “New-Style Driving”, which is why it is also an essential parameter for assessing the driving behaviour of drivers. The ECOdrive driving behaviour analysis also analyses the acceleration rate, (preliminary) idling, the average driving speed and whether speed limits are exceeded.

Naturally a vehicle has to idle sometimes, but this is often done for unnecessarily long periods of time, resulting in considerable fuel wastage and unnecessary environmental pollution. The ECOdrive Connected allows you to easily compare journeys and drivers to reduce idling periods. The ECOdrive driving behaviour analysis provides you with a clear insight per road section into how much drivers observe maximum speeds. The ECOdrive Connected is different from other providers in a positive sense, as the average speed is not calculated based on distance covered and time, but by calculating the average of all speeds while driving, which provides a much more accurate and reliable picture. Reports of unlawful driving behaviour during journeys are specified and projected onto the road map in a traceable manner, allowing the actual driving behaviour of drivers to be traced afterwards for each journey. ECOdrive offers the most complete option for continuously improving the driving performance of employees.

Data privacy
People do not like the idea of being monitored by a vehicle tracking system, which sometimes makes them worry about their privacy. If desired, drivers can personally modify the type of journey by setting journeys to private or business, as a result of which the employer will only see data regarding vehicle use for business purposes. We take privacy legislation and safeguarding the privacy of our customers very seriously. Thanks to our ISO 27001 certification for data protection, your privacy is safeguarded. It is possible to fully hide location tracking for private journeys and even fully disable the registration of private journeys if required.

Car fleet optimisation and integrated reports
Managing your car fleet in a more efficient and simpler way requires relevant information. Current and – especially – correct mileages are a crucial piece of information for the maintenance of a vehicle. With ECOdrive Connected, mileages are usually read from the CAN bus of the vehicle, making them accurately available to you and exactly matching the ODO reading of the vehicle. From now on, extensive information about journeys made, effective driving hours, driving behaviour, fuel consumption, CO2-emissions, vehicle use, mileages and maintenance intervals of your vehicles is automatically collected and maintained. The desired information is then converted into clear reports on a fleet, vehicle and driver level. Our sustainable safe driving dashboard displays key KPIs for your car fleet in real time and helps you to optimise the performance of your car fleet. The advanced reporting options of the ECOdrive Connected provide you with a detailed insight into vehicle use and the driving behaviour of your employees.

Customised system links
With ECOdrive Connected, you can easily expand the functions by linking systems. With our system, a wide range of intelligent links can be set up, e.g. links to battery voltage sensors, temperature sensors, weight sensors and rotating lights. ECOdrive links your fleet management information to your software system based on API and supports XML and JSON. Our sales advisers can tell you more about the options and customer-oriented custom solutions.

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